Hemeroteca Research

Before I came on this trip, I never considered myself someone who enjoyed doing research.  However, I knew that as part of my undergraduate studies, I would need to conduct research through a senior thesis.  A big part of the reason I came on this trip was to introduce myself to field research for the first time.  One of my favorite research opportunities I received during my time here was when I got to do a content analysis of old periodicals at the Hemeroteca in the Office of the Vice President.  In addition to feeling that this was a prestigious and unique opportunity, this opened my mind up to the sense of accomplishment that comes from research.  Looking through thousands of files in multiple rooms to find exactly what I was looking for and actually succeeding was extremely fulfilling for me.

I also really loved the freedom we have been given with our entire research topic proposal.  The only other research I’ve done before going on this trip was when I was assigned a given topic and was only able to collect information on it from books or websites.  Collecting data from primary sources that gave me specific cases that demonstrated a topic, rather than just researching the topic on its own, was exciting for me.  I have been researching discrepancies in crime rates across different parts of Bolivia, and I found really useful accounts of a jewelry robbery from a religious statue in Copacabana in the 1980’s.  While not contemporary, I gained perspective on how different newspapers reported and prioritized stories differently, allowing me to get an idea of the newspapers’ biases.


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  1. Archival research is really fascinating in the way you describe, and I’m glad you’re enjoyed that experience. It’s always amazing the little things you can discover on your own in archives. It never feels like wasted time.


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