Public Transport in La Paz

Public transport in La Paz is unlike any I’ve ever experienced anywhere else in the world. Unlike most large cities, La Paz is unable to have a subway or train system due to the elevation and unevenness of the city. In addition to this, buses are rarely seen and are in fact a newer addition to the public transit system. The most popular way of transport would most likely be the minibus. Minibuses can carry up to around 15 people, although one cannot expect much personal space.

The most interesting form of transportation in my opinion however is the Mi Teléferico, the gondola lift style of transportation. While in the lift, one gains a bird’s eye view of the city. This is my favorite form of transportation in La Paz most likely due to its uniqueness. I love being able to look out over the city and see things that I would not be able to otherwise. Riding the Teléferico has been one of the most interesting things I’ve done while in La Paz. It would be something I highly recommend to any tourist coming to La Paz. Something I find rather funny about the situation is that typically locals will avoid the touristy attractions of their city, however in this case, when one rides the Teléferico, they’ll likely be sharing the experience with La Paz locals as well.




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