8/7/2017: Non-hostile Hostel

IMG_1747.JPGLast night was my first time staying in a hostel and it was genuinely an amazing experience. Uyuni is beautiful in its own simple way. The breakfast was incredible and the owners of the hostel were some of the nicest people I’ve met in Bolivia so far. During breakfast they were adamant on making sure we had everything we needed. They always smiled and always responded as politely as possible. That was really what made the experience so great.

I’ve never stayed overnight anywhere in the US and had service like that. It might just be a hostel thing, but I really do wish we had service equivalent to that of the Uyuni hostel.

Another thing I really like about the hostel was that we actually got to know some of the other guests. Next door to us was a couple from the U.K., both students at Oxford University. She was from London and he was from Barcelona. That’s just another thing that I’ve never had in the US that I wish I had.

It’s easy to say I wish “x” was like “y” or vice versa, but it’s another to be able to say I wish “x” was like “y” because “z”. The “z” in this case? My experience at “y”.


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