13 & 14/7/2017: You Can Own the Earth and Still, All You’ll Ever Own is Earth

_MG_2715“What I love most about rivers is you can never step in the same river twice, the water is always changing, always flowing” — Pocahontas, 1995

Amboró is without a doubt the most beautiful and breath taking place on earth I have ever had the opportunity to visit. During the day, its towering trees reach for the sun through the clouds. During the night, an infinite amount of stars illuminate the sky while the moon filters through the canopy. This kind of poetic imagery is what I was fortunate enough to capture during our time in Amboró.

The beauty of Amboró is something that I will never be able to forget. That same beauty is also what reminded me of how important the earth’s natural resources really are. Our visit only fortified my stance on the preservation of the earth’s resources, such as Amboró. I’m hoping to take that fortified stance back to the US so that I can share what I have been able to learn.

Everything that I learned in Amboró came from our guides who all had prolific knowledge of the region. This was evident in everything they did. From the knowledge they shared all the way down to their light-footed movements through the ravines we traveled through. Their knowledge and respect for the park was what earned them my respect and admiration.

I wish more people knew about the Amboró park and its history. Like Dr. Kate explained, it’s remoteness has been both blessing and curse in its preservation and lack of exposure, respectively.


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