11/7/2017: “Snakes on a Plane” where DT is the Snake and the Plane is American Democracy

Bolivar.jpgToday we visited the electoral office just off of Plaza Avaroa with Dr. Miguel. We met with six of the office’s employees. They explained how the Bolivian electoral system works. The first thing I noticed, just about as soon as they started, was how very different their system is from ours. The primary difference being compulsory voting.

It took me a while to really wrap my head around the pros and cons of compulsory voting. I realized that compulsory voting really can work after having a conversation with some of the employees and Dr. Miguel.

The Bolivian electoral system is, for the most part, a well structured system with plenty of safeguards against voter fraud and most other voting concerns, like gerrymandering. I would be very very interested in seeing how compulsory voting would play out in the US. How would our elections be different? What would happen to Super PACs?

How can we as a nation continue to develop and evolve our idea of democracy? I would suggest observing other nations, like Bolivia.


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