6/7/2017: The Strongest Shit Talking

_MG_3118.jpgWe met up for the futbol game this afternoon around 5pm at La Cato and took several taxis to the stadium. By 5:30pm we were inside and seated. I’ll never forget how excited I was to be at a sports event. That excitement came primarily from the fact that I hadn’t been to one since Ole Miss football ended in the fall. Nevertheless, the game was an incredible experience.

Everyone was so into it. From missed goals to every bad touch (which there were plenty of). What was the most interesting to me was how foul-mouthed everyone was. Coming from a southern state and going to an SEC school, shit talking at a game isn’t anything new to me. What was new, however, was how intense everyone was. These weren’t the regular “fuck you’s!” and “god dammit’s”, these were death threats. But then again, that’s what sports is: competitive energy release. And Bolivian shit talking seems to be a pretty good energy release.



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