3/7/2017: New Money Old Money

La_Paz_del_parque.jpgAfter we finished our meeting at the UNDP, a group of us decided to head up to Sopocachi to look for some dinner. Dr Miguel took the Teleférico up to Sopocachi with us. We talked a lot about the prevalence of social status in Bolivian life. He explained the Bolivian concepts of “Old Money” and “New Money”. Both of which were familiar to me, having lived in the South for all of my life. Specifically, he explained how new money was more flashy and extravagant, while old money is the polar opposite. This further supported a previous conversation we had with Dr Miguel about how Bolivian culture can is very parallel with Mississippian culture. Because of this, I’ll be looking out for more parallels between Bolivian culture and our own.


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