¡Buen viaje! Puede comenzar el viaje.

        Ciao, amici. I’m Hailey, an anthropology and philosophy double-major, minoring in Italian. I know what you’re thinking, “whatever will she do with those degrees?” Well, I aspire to pursue international law, making these disciplines very relevant and beneficial to my education and goals. I chose this particular program in order to fulfill my methods requirement for anthropology, but I have an auspicious feeling that I will learn much more from this trip than just that.
        While studying abroad in Italy last summer I learned more about myself and the world than I ever imagined, kindling a passion within me for travel and the direct observation of other cultures. I anticipate and hope for the same life-altering experience from Bolivia; especially because I do not speak Spanish so, at the least, I will part with the knowledge of a new language. Other than hiking in Amboró and photographing Bolivia’s unique nature and culture, I most look forward to experiencing Bolivian gastronomy, specifically it’s vegetarian options. There is no better way to analyze and assimilate within another culture and its people, I believe, than eating what naturally prospers there; elucidating a large part of its economy, customs, and way of life.
        Though I don’t fear traveling, even alone, I do have reservations about arriving in a country in which I do not speak the language. Though I attempted to prepare, Spanish is so very different from Italian, something I honestly did not expect, and I often mistakenly respond in Italian rather than Spanish. So, this will be my greatest challenge, yet, one I am fully prepared to face. That being said, I have only high hopes and excitement for this trip, and greatly look forward to meeting everyone!

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  1. With a little time, and effort, you’ll be able to speak an Italianized Spanish that most people can understand. And being an “outsider” can give you an interesting perspective on things. You’ll understand enough to get by right away, but not so much to take things for granted. Welcome to Bolivia!


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