It’s FINALLY that time

Hey people! I’m McClellan Davis and I am one of the many soon-to-be sophomore Croft students going on this trip. After spending a semester with Dr. Kate studying Latin America, I couldn’t be more excited to arrive in Bolivia. I chose to go on this trip for several reasons, but mainly because I feel like I will finally be getting the full college experience. I’m a native of Oxford, so I never had the true “leave home” moment last August. Additionally, I’ve never been to South America and I feel like this is the coolest opportunity because honestly, I’m not sure I would have ever thought to take a trip to La Paz had this not been an option.

My expectations for this trip are super high but not defined…I really can’t say what I’m most excited about other than just being there and immersing myself in a culture that is foreign to me. One of the main things I want from this program is for my knowledge of Spanish to increase and to be more comfortable speaking the language (I’m hoping the host family will help me with this part). While we’re here, I want to see the zebra crossing guards, eat the local food, visit with my host family and also with indigenous groups to see how differently people in the same area live, and enjoy all of the sights by documenting with lots of pictures.

I’m not particularly nervous about anything- maybe just a tad anxious to meet my host family. This was one of the major advantages of the trip to me, because no one I’m close with has ever done it so I think I’m just excited to really get to know another family that otherwise I would’ve never met. The altitude doesn’t really worry me; I will take Tylenol, hydrate, and rest, but I’ve had altitude sickness before so I know that it’s horrible but never lasts too long. Overall, I cannot wait to get to La Paz!


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  1. All of these thoughts are important and grounded, McClellan! I can promise that you’ll get to experience all the things you’ve listed. La Paz is very different from Oxford, but incredibly dynamic and unique. We’re looking forward to showing you all how it is a place that is, as we say in anthropology, “good to think with.”


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